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Zoning Commission

The Zoning Commission is composed of (5) members who reside in the unincorporated area of the township and are appointed by the trustees for five year terms.


The Township Zoning Commission shall submit a plan, including both text and maps representing the recommendations of the Zoning Commission, for the carrying out by the Board of Township Trustees for the powers, purposes and provisions set forth in Section 519.01 to 519.99, inclusive, of the Revised Code, including additions to territory in which Township Zoning Resolution is in effect.

Zoning Commission Members

Name followed by term expiration year/expires on 7/31

Robert Joslyn, Chair (2028)

Michael Verbiar Vice Chair(2026)

John Burich (2025)

Marty Demuth (2027)

Rene Ibos (2024)

Eric Jayjohn, Alternate (2029)

Don Rowe, Alternate (2028)

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