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Zoning Resolution Article 26




1.         PURPOSE:  It is the purpose of this ordinance to provide for the establishment of mobile home parks in Vermilion Township and to regulate the same together with the use of mobile homes therein.  It is recognized that a well planned, maintained and conducted mobile home park can be an asset to the community.


2.         INTENT:  It is intended that this ordinance shall be supplemental to the Land Subdivision Regulations and this Zoning Resolution and that the provisions of those chapters shall govern where applicable, but be modified to permit things (changes) contemplated by this ordinance.


3.         DEFINITIONS:  When used in this ordinance, the following words or terms shall have the meaning herein ascribed to them.  If not defined herein but defined in the Zoning Resolution, they shall have the meaning as used in this ordinance.


            a)   MOBILE HOME – Non-self-propelled vehicle so designed, constructed, reconstructed, or added to by means of accessories in such manner as will permit the use and occupancy thereof for human habitation when connected to indicated utilities, whether resting on wheels, jacks or other temporary foundation and used or so constructed as to permit its being used as a conveyance upon public streets or highways.


            b)   MOBILE HOME LOT – Parcel of land for the placement of a single mobile home and the exclusive use of its occupants.


            c)   MOBILE HOME PARK – Any site, lot, field or tract of land upon which three or more mobile homes are or may be parked or situated, which is, or may be laid out or subdivided  into mobile home lots and includes any roadway, building, structure, vehicles or enclosure used or intended for use as a part of the facilities of such park.

            d)   PATIO – hard surfaced outdoor living space designed to supplement the mobile home living area.

4.         APPLICATION, MOBILE HOME PARK:  When an owner desires to establish a mobile home park, he may (shall) apply to the Zoning Commission for such purpose by submitting to it an application together with a plot plan prepared by and bearing the seal of an Ohio Registered Engineer or Architect, complete in detail and showing the following:

            a.   Location and legal description.

b.   Entrance to and exits from the park.

c.   Vehicular roadways, driveways and pedestrian walks.

d.   Design, showing size and arrangements of mobile service and utility buildings.

e.   Topography by two foot contour intervals.

f.    Areas set aside for recreation, clothes washing and drying, storage and off-street parking.

g.   Fencing and screen planting on the premises.

h.   Provisions for trash and garbage removal.

i.    Gas (natural or propane), electric and phone service connections to each space; service connections shall be underground.

j.    Provisions for the lighting of roadways and pedestrian walks.

k.   Water and sewer availability and distribution lines to each space.

l.    Typical lot plan.


Design standards, so far as applicable and not modified, altered or in conflict with this ordinance, shall be in accordance with the Land Subdivision Regulations.


5.         MINIMUM AREAS:  The minimum area for a mobile home park shall be ten (10) acres and density of mobile home lots shall not be more than ten (10) to the net acre.  Net acreage is defined as the acreage remaining after the deductions of areas set aside for storage, recreation, clothes drying, garbage and trash collection point, utility and service buildings, areas and spaces, roadways, driveways, walkways and off-street parking.


6.         GENERAL STANDARDS, MOBILE HOME PARK:  When an application for a mobile home park has been submitted, the Planning or Zoning Commission shall evaluate the application in accordance with the following standards:


            a.   A mobile home park shall have access to adequate streets and highways with pavement not less than thirty-six (36) feet wide.

            b.   Environmental factors involved shall be such that livability in a mobile home park (shall) be secure and any adverse effects to surrounding uses, or property value eliminated.  In considering livability, recognition shall be given to the setting of mobile homes on lots, the availability of schools and shopping facilities and the nature of the abutting zone districts.

            c.   There shall be no undue impact on the school district caused by the increased number of school children from the residential density or location of the mobile home park.

            d.   A mobile home park shall not be located in an area where it would be completely surrounded by single family residences, or single family zoning districts, nor in an area where the entrance and exits would front on a single family zoning district.

            e.   The mobile home park shall be so arranged that all mobile home lots and accessory buildings shall face on an interior roadway.  Any lots abutting a dedicated public right-of-way shall be fenced and screening planted.

            f.    A mobile home park of more than one hundred (100) mobile home lots shall have more than one entrance and exit to a public street or highway.


7.         SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS, MOBILE HOME PARK:  No application for a mobile home park shall be approved by the Planning or Zoning Commission nor shall a mobile home park be permitted or maintained thereafter, unless it meets the following specific requirements:


            a.   Minimum Width – Two hundred fifty (250) feet.


            b.   Minimum Front Yard Setback – Twenty-five (25) feet, except where if fronts on a state highway, which shall require fifty (50) feet.


            c.   Minimum Side Yard Setback – Ten (10) feet along interior lot lines; fifteen (15) feet along public side streets except if side streets is a state highway which shall require a minimum of twenty-five (25) feet.


            d.   Minimum Rear Yard Setback – Fifteen (15) feet, except where the rear yard abuts a dedicated public right-of-way which shall require a minimum of twenty-five (25) feet.


            e.   Entrance and exit roadways shall connect to a public street or highway and be not less than fifty (50) feet wide from front lot line to front lot line of the abutting mobile home lots and other areas.  Entrance and exit roadways shall be connected into the park roadways so that the roadway system shall be continuous.  Pavement at least thirty-two (32) feet wide on entrance and exit roadways, width being measured from back of curb to back of curb.


            f.    There shall be no exterior television or radio antennas except a community type antenna for the use of all park residents.


8.         MOBILE HOME AND MOBILE HOME LOT REQUIREMENTS:  No application for a mobile home park shall be approved by the Zoning Commission, nor shall a mobile home park be permitted or maintained thereafter, unless the following specific requirements are met:


            a.   Minimum Area of Mobile Home Lot – Four thousand (4,000) square feet.

            b.   Minimum Area of Mobile Home – Four hundred (400) square feet.

            c.   Maximum Height of Structures of Mobile Homes – Sixteen (16) feet.

            d.   Maximum Height of Structure of Accessory Building – Sixteen (16) feet.

            e.   Minimum Width of Mobile Home Lot at Setback One – Forty (40) feet (corner lot shall be fifty (50) feet).

            f.    Minimum Length of Mobile Home Lot – One hundred (100) feet.

            g.   Minimum Front Yard Setback of Lot – Twenty (20) feet (this shall mean street side of lot).

            h.   Minimum Rear Yard Setback of Lot – Ten  (10) feet (this shall mean opposite side of front yard).

            i.    Minimum Side Yard on Entry Side of the Mobile Home – Twenty (20) feet.

            j.    Minimum Side Yard Opposite the Entry Side of the Mobile Home – Five (5) feet (for the corner lot, it shall be twenty (20) feet).

            k.   Mobile homes shall not be closer together than twenty-five (25) feet at side yard and twenty (20) feet at rear yard.

            l.    No mobile home shall be placed closer than ten (10 feet to a private interior roadway or driveway.  Each mobile home must have access to the mobile home park roadway system.


9.         MOBILE HOME PARK FACILITIES BUILDING:  An enclosed facilities building with a minimum of two thousand (2,000) square feet with space devoted to office, laundry, toilet and recreational must be provided in each mobile home park and no application shall be approved by the Planning or Zoning Commission and no mobile home park shall be permitted or maintained without one.  For each one hundred (100) mobile homes in the park, at least nine hundred sixty (960) square feet of space shall be provided for recreation and two hundred fifty (250) square feet for each additional twenty-five (25) mobile homes or parts thereof.


10.       YARD REQUIREMENTS, FACILITIES BUILDING:  The following minimum yard requirements shall apply to any mobile home park facilities building:


            a.   Minimum Front Yard – Fifty (50) feet.

            b.   Minimum Side Yard – Twenty-five (25) feet.

            c.   Minimum Rear Yard – Twenty-five (25) feet, except if abutting onto a dedicated public right-of-way, thirty-five (35) feet.


11.       SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS, MOBILE HOME LOTS:  No application for a mobile home park shall be approved by the Planning or Zoning Commission, nor shall a mobile home park be permitted or maintained hereafter, unless the following minimum requirements are met as to each mobile home lot.


            a.   A concrete pad, ten by forty (10 x 40) feet.

            b.   Two off-street parking spaces, each ten by twenty (10 x 20) feet and hard surfaced and a hard surface driveway.

            c.   The mobile home bottom shall be enclosed.  Enclosure shall be with a commercially produced, fireproof material and completely enclose the mobile home from the bottom of the chassis, or frame, to the surface of the ground or concrete pad.

            d.   No buildings or structures shall be added to a mobile home except a patio, an enclosed or unheated enclosed porch, or carport.  The total square footage for all additional buildings or structures, exclusive of the patio, shall not exceed one hundred sixty (160) square feet, nor shall they extend more than ten (10) feet from a mobile home.


12.       PERMITTED USES:  No building, structure or land shall be used and no building shall be erected, structurally altered or enlarged, except as provided herein.  The following uses are permitted in a mobile home park:


            a.   Mobile homes for one family dwellings, one per mobile home lot.

            b.   Accessory buildings and uses incidental to and in conformance with the foregoing use.

            c.   Schools, public and parochial, provided that all structures and buildings are set back not less than fifty (50) feet from side lot lines and one hundred (100) feet from front property lines.

            d.   Churches and parish houses, provided the church is set back thirty (30) feet from side lot lines.

            e.   Public utility substations.

            f.    As an accessory use to a mobile home, home offices and occupations as permitted in single family residential districts under the Zoning Resolution may be maintained, provided not more than twenty (20) percent of the floor area of the mobile home is used for such purposes and no sign advertising the same exceeding one and one-half (1½) square feet is used.


13.       SANITARY STANDARDS:  No application for a mobile home park shall be approved nor shall a mobile home park be permitted or maintained thereafter, unless the sanitary standards of the Department of Health, including but not limited to the regulations relating to garbage and trash containers, racks, and rack locations, rodent and insect control, garbage and trash

            collection and removal, are adhered to and complied with.

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