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Zoning Resolution Article 2



2.0    The purpose of this resolution is to promote the public health, safety and morals, comfort, property and general welfare. This Board of Township Trustees, in accordance with a Comprehensive Plan and by this resolution, hereby regulate the location, height, bulk, number of stories and size of buildings and other structures, including tents, cabins and trailer coaches; percentages of lot areas which may be occupied; setback building lines; sizes of yards, courts and other open spaces; the density of population; the uses of buildings and other structures, including tents, cabins and trailer coaches; and the uses of land other purposes in the unincorporated territory of the Township and for such purposes may divide all or any for such purpose hereby divides the entire unincorporated territory of this township into districts and zones as hereinafter described.



2.1    All such regulations shall be uniform for each class or kind of building or other structure or use throughout any district or zone, but the regulations in one district or zone may differ from those in other districts or zones. The Comprehensive Plan referred to herein means the Comprehensive Development Plan for Vermilion Township, Ohio or subsequent refinements of said plan which may include greater detailing of land use categories, development goals and policies more relevant to the development of Vermilion Township.



2.2    The Board of Township Trustees may allow the construction of Township government buildings in any district, provided conditions of Article 25 (Off Street Parking and Loading) are met.

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