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Zoning Resolution Article 18




18.0    Statement of Purpose


The I-1 district permits certain industries which are of a light manufacturing character to locate in planned areas of the township, so that such uses may be integrated with land uses, such as commercial and residential uses, limitations are place upon the degree of noise, smoke, glare, waste and other features of industrial operations so as to avoid averse effects.  It is further intended that these light industrial uses act as a transition between heavier industrial uses and non-industrial uses and not necessarily require railroad access or major utility facilities.  The zoning designation will generally be located along state highways and arterial roads which provide good visibility for the proposed uses.


18.1    Principal Permitted Uses


1.      Light and medium industrial uses including manufacturing, processing, automobile truck assembly and manufacturing.

2.      Metal stamping.

3.      Processing or semi-manufactured products.

4.      Warehousing.

5.      Wholesale distribution centers.

6.      Professional or industrially oriented offices.

7.      Data processing centers.

8.      Research and development facilities.

9.      Building supply yards.

10.    Truck and machinery rental, sales and servicing.

11.    Contractor’s yards.

12.    Transport terminals.

13.    Equipment repair and servicing shops.

14.    Recreational uses.

15.    Dyeing or cleaning plants.

16.    Machine shops.

17.    Retail outlets accessory to the main industrial use.

18.    Assembly of manufactured products.

19.    Light machinery, truck and automobile rentals.

20.    Automobile dealership.

21.    All uses permitted in the C-2 district, except residential units are prohibited.


18.2    Specifically Prohibited Use


Auto wrecking, junk or storage of salvage material such as paper, lumber, metals and rubber is prohibited in any I-1 district.


18.3    Conditionally Permitted Uses.


            The following uses may be permitted by the  Township Board of Zoning Appeals

            pursuant to Article 9.                       


            1. Asphalt plants, ready-mix concrete plants, and similar related uses subject to the following:


                a.    Such aggregate uses shall be adequately buffered to protect  adjacent

                       land uses and shall meet the industrial pollution control standards and any

                       other standards  of the authorities having  jurisdiction.

                b.    Production of the  principal product or operation of  accessory plants shall

                       not be permitted  less than two hundred (200) feet from a residential



            2. Billboards, one billboard per lot shall be permitted subject to the following



                a.    No billboard shall be within two hundred (200) feet of another billboard.

                b.    All billboards shall be a minimum of fifty (50) feet from all side and rear

                       property  lines.

                c.    All billboards shall be set back at least fifty (50) feet from any road right-of


                d.   All billboards shall be set back at least one hundred (100) feet from any land

                      within a residential district.

                e.   No billboard shall obstruct  the view of motorists on adjoining roads or in

                      view of adjoining commercial or industrial uses which depend upon

                      visibility for identification.

                f.   No billboard shall exceed an overall size of three hundred (300) square feet

                      nor exceed  twenty-five (25) feet in height.


         3. Adult Cabarets, Adult Businesses or sexually oriented businesses;


               a.    “Adult Cabaret” means a  nightclub, bar, restaurant, or similar commercial

                        establishment which regularly features:


                        1.  Persons who appear in a state of nudity: or

                        2.  Live performances which are characterized by the exposure of

                            “specified anatomical areas” or by “specified sexual activities”, or

                        3.  Film, motion pictures, video cassettes, slides, other photographic

                             reproductions which are characterized by the depiction or description of

                            “specified sexual activities” or “specified anatomical area.”


               b.  “Adult business or sexually oriented businesses” means  an  adult arcade,

                    adult, bookstore or adult video store, adult cabaret, adult motel, adult motion

                    picture theater, escort agency, nude model studio, or sexual encounter center.


         4. All conditionally permitted uses in the C-1 (Local Commercial District) and the

             C-2 (General Commercial District) 



18.4    Site and Landscape Plan Review


For all uses permitted in the I-1 district, a site plan shall be submitted to the Township Board of Appeals for its review and recommendations.  The Board of Appeals in its review of the site plan, shall have regard to the provisions of Section 22.19.  The Board may require certain modifications in terms of the location of buildings, parking and driveways and may require screening and landscaping techniques to ameliorate potential nuisance problems with adjoining districts or uses or to lessen the transmission of noise form the public street system.  A site plan must be submitted in accordance with the provisions of Article 22, Section 22.19.

18.5    Screening/Buffering


Screening or buffering in compliance with the provisions of Article 22.18.  A minimum of a one hundred fifty (150) foot buffer shall be provided adjacent to residential districts.


18.6    Development Standards


            Minimum Area:  2 acres

            Minimum Lot Frontage:  200 feet

            Minimum Front Yard Setback:  60 feet

            Minimum Rear Yard Setback:  50 feet

            Minimum Side Yard Setback:  20 feet

            Minimum Setback on Corner Lot:  50 feet

            Maximum Height:  40 feet


No principal building accessory structure or parking areas, loading or maneuvering areas shall be located less than one hundred (100) feet from the boundary of any residential district.


18.7    Required Parking


            As specified in Article 24.


18.8    Signs


             As specified in Article 25 


18.9      Supplementary District  Regulations


              As specified in Article 22.


18.10    Special Regulations


              As specified in Article 23.


18.11  Accessory Structure


            1.   No accessory structure shall be used for human habitation.

            2.   No accessory structure shall be located between the street line and any setback line established by this resolution.

            3.   No accessory structure shall be located in any side yard required by this resolution.

            4.   No accessory structure shall be located within twenty (20) feet of any lot line.

            5.   No accessory structure shall cover more than ten percent of the total lot area.

            6.   Minimum of thirty (30) feet between accessory structure or the main structure.

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