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Zoning Resolution Article 13



13.0    Purpose


The purpose of this district is to provide a single family residential development in areas served by public water and community sewage disposal facilities.  The district offers reduced area requirements in serviced area.



13.1    Principal Permitted Uses


In the R-1 district, no person shall hereafter use any land, building or structure and no person shall erect any building or structure except in accordance with the following provisions:


1.      Single family dwellings.

2.      Publicly owned and operated schools, libraries, parks, parkways and recreation facilities.

3.      Type B family day care home.

4.      Accessory uses customarily incidental to the above permitted uses.

5.      Raising of two horses and/or livestock must be on at least five acres.



13.2    Conditionally Permitted Uses


            1.Home Occupations or Home Offices, subject to the following conditions:


                 a. No person other than members of a family residing on the premises

                      shall be engaged in such occupation.


                 b. The use of the dwelling unit for the home occupation shall be clearly

                      incidental and subordinate to its use for residential purposes by its

                      occupants and not more than twenty-five percent (25%) of the

                      residential floor area of the dwelling unit shall be used in conducting

                      the home occupation.


                 c. There shall be no change in the outside appearance of the building or

                      premises or other visible evidence of the conduct of such home

                      occupation other than one sign, not exceeding two (2) square feet in

                      area , non-illuminated.


                  d. Home offices will only be accessory offices for members practicing

                       any of the professions, including accountant, architect, artist, engineer,

                       lawyer and physician.


                   e. If the home is in any residential zoning district, no traffic shall be

                       generated by such home occupation or home office in greater volumes

                       than would normally be expected in a residential neighborhood and

                       any need for parking generated by the conduct of such home

                       occupation shall be met off the street and other than in a required

                       front yard.


                   f. No equipment or process shall be used in such home occupation

                       which creates noise, vibration, glare, fumes, odors, or electrical

                       interference detectable to the normal senses off the lot, if the

                       occupation is conducted in a single-family residence.


             2. Bed and Breakfast Homestays, subject to the following conditions:


                        A)   A bed and breakfast homestay may have between one and three

                               Guest rooms and be a private owner-occupied residence.  The bed and

                               Breakfast homestay must be subordinate and incidental to the main

                               Residential use of the building..

                        B)   No modifications to the external appearance of the building (except

                               Fire escapes) which would alter its residential character, shall be


                        C)   All floors above grade shall have direct means of escape to the ground


                        D)   One off-street parking space shall be provided for each room available

                               For rent, in addiion to those required for the dwelling unit.

                        E)   All parking areas shall be set back a minimum of twenty-five (25) feet

                               From the property lines.

                        F)   One sign shall be permitted not exceeding two (2) square feet in area

                               And three and one-half (3 ½ ) feet above ground.

Length of stay shall not exceed fourteen (14) days.


13.3    Development Standards



            a. Development Standard              R-1                  R-1A                 R-1B


             b. Minimum Lot Area

                 Without Sewer & Water          1 acre                1 acre                 1 acre


             c. Minimum Lot Area

                 With Sewer & Water            20,000 Sq. ft.       11,250 sq. ft.     9,000 sq. ft.


             d. Minimum Lot Frontage            100 ft.                   75 ft.                 60 ft.

                  Without Sewer & Water


             e. Minimum Lot Frontage             80 ft.                     75 ft.                60 ft.

                  With Sewer & Water


             f. Minimum Front Yard Setback  35 ft.                      35 ft.                35 ft.


             g. Minimum Side Yard Setback   10 ft. both sides      5 ft. one side   5 ft. one side

                                                    Total       20 ft.                     15 ft.               15 ft.


             h. Minimum Rear Yard Setback   25 ft.                      25 ft.              25 ft.


             i. Minimum Floor Area : one story 1000sq. ft.          1000 sq. ft.        1000 sq. ft.

                                                     two story 1200 sq. ft.


             j. Minimum Setback for corner lots: Half the required front yard setback.


             k. Maximum building height: 35 feet


             l. Setback on cul-de-sac: Refer to Section 22.20


13.4    Required Parking


            As specified in Article 24.


13.5    Signs


            As specified in Article 25.


13.6    Supplementary District Regulations


           As specified in Article 22.


Special Regulations


           As specified in Article 23.



13.8    Accessory Structures


               1.      No accessory structure shall exceed the square footage on the first floor of the main dwelling.


               2.      Except as otherwise provided herein, no accessory building or structure, or use shall be erected or carried on in the required front yard.


               3.      A detached private garage, or other accessory structure may be erected and used in the interior side or rear yard provided that:


                        a.   When such accessory structure is located in the rear yard, a minimum side and rear yard of ten (10) feet shall be  maintained, unless the structure is 1,500 square feet or greater, then the minimum side yard and rear yard shall be twenty (20) feet.

                        b.   In no case shall an accessory structure be located closer than twenty (20) feet to any street line or alley.


               4.      An accessory building shall be a minimum distance of ten (10) feet from any main building(s).


               5.      No accessory structure shall be used for human habitation.


               6.      No accessory structure shall be used for commercial or industrial purposes.


               7.      Accessory structures shall not cover more than thirty-five (35) percent of the required rear yard.


               8.      Accessory structures must be subordinate in area to the principal use.


               9.      The maximum height of any accessory structure shall be twenty (20) feet.


            10.       No more than two accessory buildings on less than one acre.


            11. Private swimming pools, refer to Section 23.5.

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