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Zoning Resolution Article 10




10.0    Purpose


The purpose of this article is to establish zoning districts in order to realize the general purposes set forth in the preamble of this resolution, to provide for orderly growth and development and to protect the property rights of all individuals by assuring the compatibility of uses and practices within districts.


10.1    Establishment of Districts




The unincorporated portions of Vermilion Township are hereby divided into districts or zones as shown on the zoning map which accompanies this resolution.  They are as follows:


Agricultural                                                                               A

Rural Residential/Single Family                                         R-R

Single Family Serviced Residential                        R-1;  R-A;  R-1B                   

Two Family Residential District                                          R-2

Multi-Family Residential District                                         R-3

Local Commercial                                                                C-1

General Commercial                                                           C-2

Light Industrial                                                                       I-1

Mineral Aggregate                                                                 MG

Planned Unit Development                                                 PUD

Floodplain, Floodway and Wetland                                   FF & W


10.2    Zoning District Map


The districts established in Section 10.1, as shown on the official zoning map, which, together with all data, references, explanatory material and notations thereon, are hereby officially adopted as part of this resolution and hereby incorporated by reference herein, thereby having the same force and effect as if herein fully described in writing.


10.3    Zoning Map Legend


There shall be provided on the official zoning map a legend which shall list the name of each zoning district and indicate the symbol for that district.  A color, combination of colors, or black and white patterns may be used in place of symbols to identify the respective zoning districts in such legend.


10.4    Identification of Official Zoning Map


The official zoning map shall be properly identified by the signature of Township Trustees, as attested by the Township Clerk and bearing the official seal.  The map shall be maintained by the Zoning Administrator and shall remain on file in the Office of the Clerk.  The official zoning map shall control whenever there is an apparent conflict between the district boundaries as shown on the map and the description as found in the text of this resolution.  The official zoning map shall be of a reproducible document and copies shall be made available to the public upon request and upon payment of a fee as established by resolution.


10.5    Identification of District Boundaries


The following rules shall be used to determine the precise location of any zoning district boundary unless such boundary is specifically indicated on the official zoning map.


1.   Where district boundaries are so indicated as approximately following the centerlines of thoroughfares or highways, street lines, or highway right-of-way lines, such centerlines, street lines or highway right-of-way;

2.   Where district boundaries are so indicated that they approximately follow the lot lines, such lot lines shall be construed to be said boundaries;

3.   Where district boundaries are so indicated that they are approximately parallel to the centerlines of right-of-way lines of highways, such district boundaries shall be construed as being parallel thereto and at such distance therefrom as indicated on the official zoning map.  If no distance is given such dimension shall be determined by the use of the scale shown on the official zoning map;

4.   Where the boundary of a district follows a railroad line, such boundary shall be deemed to be located in the middle of the main tracks of said railroad line;

5.   Where the boundary of a district follows a stream, lake, or body of water, said boundary line shall be deemed to be at the limit of the jurisdiction of the township unless otherwise indicated;

6.   Where district boundaries are so indicated that they follow or approximately follow the limits of any municipal corporation, such boundaries shall be construed as following such limits;

7.   Whenever any street, alley, or other public way is vacated by official Board of Township Trustees action, the zoning district adjoining each side of such street, alley, or public way shall automatically be extended to the center of such vacation and all areas within that vacation shall thenceforth be subject to all regulations appropriate to the respective extended districts.


      All questions and disputes concerning the exact location of zoning district boundaries shall be resolved by the Board of Zoning Appeals.

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