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Erie County Sheriff's Office

Law enforcement services in Vermilion Township are provided around the clock by the Erie County Sheriff's Office. Vermilion Township established a Sheriff's Office substation at the township office over 10 years ago. The purpose of the substation is to permit the Sheriff's Office to allow deputy sheriffs--assigned to work in the township--to report directly to the substation at the start of their shifts 24/7/365, providing more efficient law enforcement services and decreasing the response time to calls for service in the township. Through technology available at the substation, those deputy sheriffs assigned to work in the township have access to constantly updated and current information from previous shifts, allowing for a seamless flow of information from one shift to the next. The substation also gives deputy sheriffs a workplace to complete reports, and to also meet privately with those requiring the services of the Sheriff's Office in the township, eliminating the possibility of township residents having to travel to the Sheriff's Office primary station in Perkins Township.

Emergency Call:                                       911

Non-Emergency, residents call:            1-888-399-6065 and follow the prompts to reach the Sheriff's Office,

                                                                   or call the Sheriff's Office Dispatch direct at 419-625-7951, ext. 6221.

Please visit the Erie County Sheriff's Office website at to learn more about the agency's services and resources.

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